VT series

-Reliability is excellent.
-It has long life and more operating force can be applied such
as lightly force.
-Good feeling and more levers are applied.
More Details
-Item:   Standard
-Rating: 16(4)A   250VAC
-Conforming to standard: IEC 61058-1 ; UL 1054
-Contact resistance: 15 M W  max. (initial)
-Insulation resistance: 100 M W  min. (at 500V DC)
 Between terminals of same polarity AC 1000V (50/60Hz for 
  1 minute.)
-Dielectric strength: Between each terminal and non-current-
  carrying rind parts AC 2000V   (50/60Hz for 1 minute)
-Electrically life: 100,000 operations min.
-Mechanicaqlly Life: 1,000,000 operations min.
Purchase Guide:
VT - 16 
                              (1)    (2)      (3)
(1) Actuator Types
    00: Pin plunger       01: Short hinge lever  
    02: Hinge lever       03: Long hinge lever 
    04: Simulated roller lever      
    05: Short hinge roller lever
    06: Hinge roller lever
(2) Contact Form & Commom Terminal Position
(3) Terminal Type