VAQ/AB series

Snap Action Switches

VAQ / AB series

-Auxiliary actuators for type VS and VT micro switches
-Metal and plastic amterial are both available.
-Many options of the button are available.
-Easy to install

-Item: Standard
-Rating: 10A 125VAC or 16A 250VAC UL1054
-Insulation resistance: 100 M W min. (at 500VDC)
-Dielectric strength: AC 1000V (50/60Hz for 1 minute)
-Contact resistance: 50 M W max. (initial)
-Electrically life: 100,000 cycle min.
-Mechanically Life: 1,000,000 cycle min.
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Purchase Guide:
VAQ - 4
                    (1)          (2)       (3)     (4)     (5)
(1) Actuator Types
    VAQ-4: Nylon (13mm dia)
    VAQ-5: Nylon (19mm dia)
    AB5151: Metal (13mm dia)
    AB6161: Metal (19mm dia)
(2) Button Color
     R: Red
     Y: Yellow
     G: Green
(3) Current Rating
     10: 10A 250VAC VS series(S)
     16: 16A 250VAC VT series(C)
: Without (S)
(4) Contact
     1: 1NC & 1NO (S)
     2: NC (C)
     3: NO (C)
(5) Terminal   
VS series (10A)
VT series (16A)
     A: Solder (C)                  A: Solder (C)
     B: Screw (C)                  C: 250 quick connect (C)
     C: 250 quick connect (C)  C2: 187 quick connect (S)
     C2: 187 quick connect (S)  
     * (S)= Standard   (C)=Customization