Push Button Switch-30mm dia

Dia 30 mm Control Unit

-Push Button
-Emergency Push Button
-Illuminated and Selector Switch
-Latching Emergency Stop
-If you need the drawing and specification, please feel free to contact us.
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Item No.
 ANPL30, ATPL30, APB30-1/O, APB30-1/C, APB30-1O/C, APB30-2/O, APB30/2C
Item No.
 AEPBS30-1/O, AEPBS30-1/C, AEPBS30-1O/C, AEPB30-1/C, AEPB30-1O/C, NIEPB30-1O/C, TIEPB30-1O/C
Item No.
 APBL30-1O/C, TLPB30-1O/C, NLPB30-1O/C, ATLPB30-1O/C, ANLPB30-1O/C, ALEPB30-1/C, ALEPB30-1O/C
Item No.
 NILEPB30-1O/C, TILEPB30-1O/C, ALSS30-1/O, ASS30-1/C, ASS30-1O/C
Item No.
 ASS30-2/O (1-0-2), ALSS30-1/C (1-0), ALSS30-1/O (0-1), ALSS30-1O/C (1-2), ALSS30-2/O,  SS30-1/O, SS30-1/C
Item No.
 SS30-1O/C (1-2), SS30-2/O (1-0-2), NISS30-1O/C, NISS30-2/O, TISS30-1O/C, TISS30-2/O,