HC series

Din 72 x 72 Digital Counter

-Hi-power supply: 100 mA / 12VDC.
-Hi-speed response time: 0.2 ms.
-Hi-reliability with hi-anti-noise circuit.
-Easy to test with input pilot lamp.
-Easy to longer distance monitor with large size LED display.
-Long time menory with Ni-Cd battery.

More Details
General specification:
-Operation voltage: 110 or 220VAC E20%, 50/60 Hz
-power supply: 100 mA / 12 VDC max
-Response frequency: High speed <2.5 Kcps ; 
  Low speed <60 cps
-Memory method: Ni-Cd battery.
-Output control: N. R. C. (selectable)
-Contact rated: 5A / 250 VAC max.
-Dielectric strength: Over 2.5 KV / 1 min, 
  between power and each terminal
-Operating temp/Hum.: -20oC ~ +80oC ; 35% ~ 85% RH
Total counter  / Single preset counter