ED series

-It confrim to EN 50047 and have been developed to provide a range of options including plastic cases in various sizes, a choice of snap acting, slow break/make with 2 contact configurations and a choice of actuator heads.
-It offers the option of rotating the head in 90o increments before installation to allow ease of mounting.
-It can be used in other applications other than guard doors, for example on moving machine beds, crane arms, lifts, elevators, etc.
-Operation is achieved by the sliding action of the guard or other moving object deflecting the plunger or lever.
-It is i
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-Conforms to EN (TUV) standards corresponding to the CE marking.
-Positive opening operation of NC (Normally Closed) contacts conforming to IEC/EN 60947-5-1.
-Double insulation makes ground terminal unnecessary 
-Wide standard operating temperature range: -25℃ to 80℃.
-Full range of actuator heads and levers suitable for safety applications.
-Sealing up to IP 67. 
-Wide switch variations, (Snap action and slow action baasic switches)
-International conduit sizes. 
-Positive opening operation: NC contact
-Utilization category:   AC 15  A600
-Min current:   5V, 5mA, DC
-Thermal current (lth): 10A
-Rated unsulation voltage: 600V AC
-Rated impulse withstand volt: 2500V  AC
-Insulation resistance: 100 M W  min. (DC  500V)
-Contact resistance:    25 M W  max. (Initial) 
-Max switching speed: 250 mm / s
-Max switching frequency: 6000 operation per hour
-Enclosure material:  UL approved glass-filled polybutylene terephthalate
-Enclosure protecion: IP 67
-Operating temperature:Min -25℃ (-18℉) Max  80℃ (+176℉). 
Purchase Guide:
ED - 
                         (1)  (2)   (3)
(1) Thread Dimension of Lead Exit
     1: PG13.5 (S)    2: 1/2NPT (C)
     4: PG11 (O)      5: M16 (C)
     6: M20 (O)       7: Connector (C)
     *(S)standard   (O)option   (C)customization
(2) Contact types
     1: 1NC/1NO SLOW ACTION (BBM)(S)
     2: 2NC SLOW ACTION (O)
     3: 1NC/1NO SNAP ACTION (C)
(3) Head and Actuator
     20: Roller arm type
     21: Adjustable roller arm type (Standard roller)
     22: Adjustable roller arm type (Long arm type)
     24: Thermoplastic end flexible rod type
     241: Cat whisker type
     242: Wobble stick type
     25: Rod lever type
     27: Adjustable roller arm type (big roller)
     31: Push plunger type
     32: Roller plunger type
     62: Roller lever type
     63: One-way roller arm lever type