DH series

Action Switches

DH series


-Ultra small type. light weight
-Terminals are insert molded against flux penetration
during soldering.
-Good feeling and more levers are applied.

-Operating in all types of electronic equipment such as
applicances, audio, mouse, office, equipment,
communications apparatus, etc.

-Item: Standard
-Rating: 3A 125VAC or 1A 250VAC
-Insulation resistance: 100 M W min. (DC 500V)
-Dielectric strength: AC 500V (50/60Hz for 1 minute)
-Contact resistance: 50 M W max. (initial)
-Electrically life: 30,000 cycle.
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Purchase Guide:
DH - 05 
(1) Actuator Types
    0: Pin plunger       
    1: Hinge lever
    4: Simulated roller lever