4 way, TP, Pan Assembly Busbar

Item No. DI03-04

-4 way, 12 pole breakers
-125A frame
-TP, LV in different ways of D.B.

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Barcode: 4712966290857
Busbar Assembly unit
-For low voltage Distribution Boards.
-It is designed under M9 bolted type of Merlin Gerin.
-It is also available for MCB's breaker of GE, ABB, MEM... in 18mm width.
-Tin plated copper
-Main copper:25x5mm, 15x 5mm, 10x5mm
-Branch copper:15x3mm, 10x3mm
Incomer Shroud: 72x27x45mm
Outgoing box: 72x54x45mm
-100A, 125A & 200A frame box
-Material; Polyamdie, Nylon-6, mixed fiberglass together with flame retarded PA V-0.
-Heat distortion temp.: 205 ℃
-Color: Black, Ivory, 9010, 9002...